Inspiring Philanthropist Launches Cross-Continent Volunteer Project


Keith Donohue
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Inspiring Philanthropist Launches Cross-Continent Volunteer Project

San Diego, CA (November 10, 2010) — In February 2011, a local man will say farewell to sunny San Diego and embark on a journey that is likely to change his life — and many other lives, as well.

Keith Donohue, 32, is the founder of Positive Present®, an organization devoted to positive affirmations and making a positive impact through philanthropy. His organization’s first big venture is a unique project called “50Give,” where Donohue will trek cross-country to volunteer in each of the 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico and the District of Columbia.

Travelling by car, plane or boat, Donohue will devote 5-6 months of his time helping various nonprofits, charities and other worthy causes. During the journey, he will eat, sleep and breathe nothing but volunteerism to offer a helping hand (manual labor, office administration, fundraising, marketing/promotions, event planning, soccer coaching, whatever is needed).

What’s his motivation? “I have a passion for helping others and fundraising,” Donohue says. “I hope this trip will encourage others to give unconditionally and also provide positive awareness for inspiring organizations that strive to make this world better.”

Donohue, a Washington, DC native, is no beginner when it comes to philanthropy and fundraising. Over the past five years, he has planned and promoted numerous charity events, including raising funds for youth and soccer-related organizations like DC SCORES. In early 2010, he created Triple Charity Crush, an innovative online fundraiser and race-day event which raised $4000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and other organizations.

Amy Nakamoto, DC SCORES Executive Director adds, “Keith Donohue has taken his commitment to the DC SCORES mission to new levels over the past three years. Unsolicited, Keith has helped directly or indirectly raise a lot of money, awareness and excitement for the work we are doing with youth in DC through soccer and creative writing. He makes being in the ‘charity business’ even more rewarding than it already is.”

Individuals and organizations can support the 50Give project through financial contributions and sponsorships, food donations, accommodations, press/promotions, volunteer assistance and charitable nonprofit recommendations. Visit the 50Give project website at for details.

50Give is a venture of Positive Present®, an organization devoted to spreading inspiration through philanthropic projects, positive affirmations apparel and health & fitness-related channels. For more information on Keith Donohue, 50Give and Positive Present®, including sponsorship or charitable nonprofit submissions, please visit or

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