Mexico: Ministerios Nueva Generacion

Tijuana, Mexico – Ministerios Nueva Generacion

The first stop of the 50Give tour led me across the border from San Diego to a small, impoverished colonia near Tijuana, Mexico. My friends from NieuCommunities and I were headed to a orphanage called Ministerios Nueva Generacion (New Generation Ministries). The directors,  Luis and Aide Salinas (better known as “Mom” and “Dad”), have been operating the orphanage for over 10 years, and today it has become a safe haven for more than 20 young boys.

Luis shared my background as a former pro soccer player over homemade burritos (complete with real-deal salsa) and the kids lit up.  So after lunch, I used my talents and played a little futbol (soccer) in the concrete courtyard, surrounded by barbed-wire fencing, dogs darting between plays, and three-year-olds on scooters zooming by – real “street balling.”

Luis believes that the most substantial and positive growth for the boys happens through relationships, by volunteers giving quality time, as opposed to traditional gospel preaching and big church projects.  When I asked what I could do to help that day, Luis replied, “Play with the boys. Have fun and play some futbol.”

The orphanage has a loving, friendly atmosphere and the pictures easily tell its story. I felt like family within minutes.  Simply offering warmth and spending time, instead of constant preaching about a topic or belief, is something I need to focus on and try to live out in my own life more often. Muchas gracias, Nueva Generacion, for the love.

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