California: Red Lotus Society Gives Peace via Meditation

Red Lotus Society


An educational non-profit with the mission to promote peace through meditation by creating environments for the study and practice of mindfulness, community, and cultural awareness.

They operate a multi-cultural peace practice center at the historic Ideal Hotel (est.1912) – 8,000 sq.feet space in downtown San, Diego. The hotel includes the Ideal Tea Room for cultural events, lectures, discussions, retail, and music; the Ideal Studio holds 30 weekly classes for meditation, yoga, and movement classes by donation; and a residency program with a long-term program for staff and short-term program for international guests.


  • Uniqueness: Red Lotus is diversity, not only educates but celebrates the cultures and traditions around the world.
  • Accessibility: 60% of their community is low-income or employed.
  • Sustainability: A large majority of materials were recycled or reused for the Ideal Hotel restoration project (a building condemned for 8 years).  Residency also has a strong focus on recycling and composting.
  • Volunteerism: Restoration project logged over 50,000 hours  of service and they average 300 hours each week to operate their programs.
  • Peace Education (Peace Masters Certificate): 52 hour curriculum with 3 courses focusing on inner, communal, and global peace.

My Experience:

I was put to work immediately by helping prepare the Tea Room for the presentation called “State Of The Society”  highlighting the past four years and future of Red Lotus from the CEO Dave Macek.

My duties included: clean the bathrooms (I felt right at home since I was coming off food poisoning the night before and cuddled with a toilet), sweep and mop the floors, set-up the chairs, purchase tea at the grocery store, and facilitate the Power Point presentation.

After the presentation, the long term residents held a community potluck which is held every Sunday.  This potluck was extradionaly special because local friends attended knowing this was my last night in San Diego for a bit, we even celebrated my birthday which is weeks away.

The Ideal Hotel is peaceful magic (meditation/yoga/wellness studio; tea/music/meeting space; long/short term residency) and I have yet to find anywhere in the United States like it, but hope every city starts creating similar places to spread the most important state of being on earth: peace.




“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.” Tenzin Gyatso

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