Arizona: Gabriel’s Angels Gives via Doggies!

Gabriel’s Angels


To deliver healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children, nurturing their ability to love and trust, thereby freeing them from the cycle of violence.

Why They Rock:

  • Pet Therapy Teams: Teams (handler and doggie) instruct children in animal behavior, pet care, grooming, safety, and relate animal needs and behaviors to the children’s needs and behaviors. These teams help children achieve the critical social skills for an alternative to violence.
  • Facilities: Gabriel’s Angels services are utilized at 100 different organizations and serve 13,000 children annually through nearly 150 Pet Therapy Teams.
  • Unleash the Love, END THE ABUSE: Fundraising campaign which has been supported by the Phoenix Mercury head coach and other local celebrities.  (

My Experience:

I love dogs. If you don’t love dogs then you are inhaling cheese whiz through the nostril.  If you had a bad experience with a dog, then take a trip to Phoenix, Arizona for puppy love.

My day started with compiling notebooks for an annual fundraiser followed by a meeting with a DOG!  Meetings with dogs are so much more chill then the CEO telling you that you took their parking spot (yes, I did that but she is wicked down to earth and paid for my lunch!).  Back to the dog meeting…I met Dingo and her awesome handler Maggie whose family breeds Labradors in Wisconsin…I stole dingo who is coming on the tour.

Next, I meet another DOG…best day ever.  He was applying to be a Gabriel All-Star with the Volunteer Coordinator Cassie who approved the sweetest one-eyed doggie to help teenagers.

Woosh, off to lunch with my contact Zee Peters (who baked amazing cookies for my bday) and CEO Pam who started Gabriel’s Angels…enjoy the magical story on video.

Woosh again…off to a therapy visit for school children.  Another meeting with a DOG…white standard poodle who was a cuddlier, gave love to everybody in the room, especially to a kid who was acting out and the doggie managed to calm him just by nuzzling. The kids and I were on cloud nine

Other people that rocked at Gabriel’s Party House was Larry (COFO – he dominates operations and numbers) and Lisa (Office Manager – keeps everybody in check and made me feel at home).  Zee my contact does a little of everything and made the entire day amazing…did I mention cookie monster!  I can’t forget my gracious house host Amanda and Jess who put me up in their casa, and they have two cool DOGS (dream day)!

You rarely hear somebody say that they don’t like dogs, and if you do then they are usually wearing strange shorts. For real, dogs are about unconditional love and they always have time for you. Gaberiel’s Angels just doesn’t appear one time for pet therapy and leave…they do repeat visits over and over at the same location which is especially crucial for those kids who don’t receive love.

What I really love about dogs is non-judgment….they don’t care if you have strange shorts, they just want to share the love.  These therapy dogs are life-savers for being THEM without trying…I hope to make non-judgment the best habit of my life.




“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” – Ben Williams

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