Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico Gives with Big Numbers

Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico

In a Nutshell:

Distribute more than 22 million pounds every year to a network of hundreds of partner agencies and five regional food banks.  In turn, these agencies provide food directly to the hungry in their communities across the state.  Agencies they serve include food pantries, shelters, group homes, soup kitchens, low-income senior housing sites, and regional food banks.

Whey They Rock:

  • Help feed nearly 40,000 different hungry people in New Mexico weekly.
  • Every year, more than 90,000 children are served through Roadrunner and our affiliate agencies and programs.
  • Many believe that food banks only distribute canned/dry good items, but one-third of their annual distribution is produce.

50Give Experience:

New Mexico ranks 5th in the nation of people who wonder when they will have their next meal…and RoadRunner is dominating by distributing more than 92,000 pounds of food every working day!  My awesome contact Christina prepared me to dominate with a box-cutter, scooper, and hairnet (nobody looks good in a hairnet…nope not even Penelope Cruz).

My day started with sorting cans for food boxes distributed monthly to 1,250 seniors…the ‘Senior Helping’ box often is the only food source a low-income senior has all month long.  Volunteer Manager Darrell explained seniors say their social security isn’t enough to support them a full month and they go hungry.  Another program ‘Food For Kids’ supplies school children with a backpack filled with nutritious foods – many teachers stated kids before the program where ‘checked-out’ during classes and a nuisance, and now they are becoming much more engaged and respectful…hats off to Roadrunner for genius programming! What a little nutritious food can do – something very relevant do my corn experience…niblet domination.

This Food Bank is all about big numbers and I added some strength by packing enough corn to feed 196 people…all done in a hairnet with the assistance of the helpful staff member Cathe.  I didn’t listen to Darrell about the kids improvement in school due to simply eating, so I skipped lunch cause like I’m a super volunteer, have lived on $2 a day, and won Zelda (twice)… Yes, I almost took a nose-dive into a bin of frozen corn; my concentration levels we all over the shop, and I think the corn was staring at me. I was in the shoes of hungry seniors and kids for a moment…I can’t imagine not having the option to eat and feeling like that on a daily basis!

If you live in New Mexico or our doing a road trip for something awesome, then I highly recommend attending the Roadrunner Souper Bowl, which is a soup and dessert sampling event featuring with over 40 restaurants and live music.  Check out all the annual events…tell a local in New Mexico about the awesomeness!    

My gracious Albuquerque hosts Emily and Lena were ‘telephone love’…meaning a friend of friend of a friend helped me find a cozy home to crash. Their house was pure New Mexico with front porch hanging Ristras (red chili peppers – check the photos below and look for crouching-tiger-hidden buddha).  I also tasted a famous New Mexico favorite, Turkey Jack sandwich with green chile at the Flying Star Cafe, the hippest and food-conscious joint in Nob Hill serving healthy food from scratch!

I end with a small number that is ‘big’…only 8% of those served by Roadrunner are homeless so you are telling me numerous ‘ordinary’ people/families are struggling with the most basic need in the world?  Hunger in America is not the lack of food and analysts could explain why/where the source of hunger exists, but either way nobody should not know where the next meal is coming from, especially for kids. I am extremely proud of the 50Give crew because they are so many non-profits and businesses helping with the source. Yes, Food is the most crucial part of surviving and Roadrunners is dominating, and eventually I know the source will turn positive with the help of volunteers, non-profits, and corporations breaking the hunger cycle.




“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” John F. Kennedy

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