Project 7 Gives With Mints…And Then Gives Again!

Project 7

In A Nutshell:

They are a cause-related company that makes every day consumer goods like bio-bottled water, gum, mints and coffee…and when you buy, they give profits to organizations that provide support their core focus areas:  Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, Quench the Thirsty, Save the Earth, and Teach them Well.  View their partner page for non-profits making a drastic difference.

Why The Rock (7 Big Ones):

  • Heal The Sick: Medicine for a person suffering from Malaria
  • Save The Earth: Plant fruit trees back into the earth
  • House The Homeless: Shelter, food, education and health for a day, for an orphan
  • Feed The Hungry: Seven meals in American communities
  • Quench The Thirst: Clean water for a person in need for one year
  • Teach Them Well: A week of schooling for a child in Africa
  • Hope For Peace: A day of counseling for a child of war

50Give Experience: 7

I stalked Project 7 (P7) the longest for a spot on the 50Give tour, and even if they turned me down then I would still show up at their door, and even if they said no at the door and the police came to toss me, then I would shave the number 7 tally in my chest hair and make it my Facebook profile picture…yes I Like P7.

P7 started under the firm 29 Agency, a cast of mega-talented creative humans…they find ways to touch the human spirit via all types of media.  I showed up to meet my super nice host Shanna who got me working quickly with intern chill-cat Mark…first task was to pick up boxes and wash the P7 van. After dominating the morning, Mark took me to Mexican heaven for lunch at Yucatan Taco Stand…makes Chipotle look like the JV Pom Squad Reserve Team.  Back to work and we packaged internet product orders and packed hundreds of T-shirts for an event in California where P7 will be handing out coffee – THOUSANDS of cups! Shanna sent me on my way with a P7 t-shirt so luckily I don’t have to shave my chest hair…but I will take a one-time 50Give donation of $300 and shave the P7 logo (why am I sweating while writing this).

P7 is located near Sabre who dominates the travel industry and is the mother-ship of my former company Sabre Hospitality Solutions located in Bethesda, Maryland…and luckily some team members (E-site love) treated me to luxury hospitality.  My hosts Shannon and Adriana live in a slick artsy loft overlooking the Dallas skyline, and they provided amenities like I was at the famous Hay Adams: Fiji water on the night stand, tasty home cooking, Google late-night sessions on a 72-inch flat screen, walk-in shower, access to the fitness room, and beautiful art by Shannon to gaze at…a programmer who is a dope graphic artist!

Dallas was quick but as you know everything is Bigger in Texas, and P7 is among the pioneers of how companies should consider being Bigger.  How they put it: You buy. We give.  Now, you have a choice to change the world by buying normal things…do it online or check out all the locations…test market rolled out in west coast Wal-Marts!  It’s great to hear these huge companies are pushing to make the world better; Sabre alone tallies over 25,000 volunteer hours each year, donated over $14 million dollars since 2000, and their headquarters is a LEED certified building.

50Give has a huge crush (stalking ended) with Project 7, and I hope you ask/do/revolt within your company to make giving your new crush.


Donate (shop):


“Do not stand on a high pedestal and take 5 cents in your hand and say, “here, my poor man”, but be grateful that the poor man is there, so by making a gift to him you are able to help yourself. It is not the receiver that is blessed, but it is the giver. Be thankful that you are allowed to exercise your power of benevolence and mercy in the world, and thus become pure and perfect.” –  Swami Vivekananda

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