Dwight Owens Foundation Gives Positivity From A Wheelchair

March 21st, 2011

Dwight Owens Foundation

In A Nutshell:

 Dwight Owens was hit by a drunk driver in a car accident leading to paralysis, and currently uses a wheelchair for transportation. After years of rehabilitation, Dwight has become an inspirational speaker and started a campaign called “Before you Drink, Think Dwight” and tours the southeast United States talking to a variety of groups about drunk driving and spinal cord injury.

Why Dwight Rocks:

50Give Experience:

I received a last-minute message from my original Atlanta non-profit (SOS Children’s Villages) stating they had to re-schedule an event I was supposed to work, therefore I pulled out the WILDCARD (I love all CAPS and colors!). WILDCARD usually means taking it to the streets with in-your-face volunteerism…so I rented some wheels for the day, not a convertible but a wheelchair.

My Goal: sit (in a wheelchair) in the busiest spot in downtown Atlanta promoting Dwight Owens…he needs to hit hotlanta for speeches!

The morning involved lots of arts and crafts (I have trouble tracing my hand). First, I bought a champagne balloon and taped the following sign: Is this YOUR type of a post-prom party?  Then, I used my science fair skills to create a tri-fold board decked-out about Dwight and 50Give. Finally, I got into costume with my “Before you Drink, Think Dwight” t-shirt, and off to the Hard Rock Cafe corner on Peachtree Street.

Like my previous experience when I spent a whole day in a wheelchair, many people just throw on their horse blinders, even got the shout-out asking “where my hoes at?”…I got a good laugh and he made a good point, needed some assistance getting attention…maybe next time I will recruit an alligator mascot eating peaches perched on a toilet.

I did connect with high school kids, Atlanta street ambassadors, and received many ‘right-ons’ – keep on doing good. If I inspired one person then it was a success, if you are reading this then it was a success…I am usually about numbers but I am taking a different approach lately and BELIEVE the tour is making an itty bitty difference – Little Rock, Arkansas I volunteered at an animal shelter, was put on TV promoting dogs who have lived there for over 4 years…next day an ‘oldie’ dog was adopted, one that was beaten by a shovel…maybe 50Give inspired, keeps me going.

The story of Dwight Owens is beyond inspirational…you need to see it in bullets to fully grasp:

Dwight is busy traveling because ‘Prom Season’ is in full-swing and his presence will save lives/prevent senseless injuries. I wish everybody could meet Dwight because he makes you smile, he gives you the ‘spotlight’…I think he knows everybody has their story and he is more concerned about the present – he literally keeps rolling to educate the dangers of drunk driving and to empower those living a life with a disability.

My Atlanta hosts were fantastic and it was like being home in Maryland – my host Kyle was my brother’s best friend growing up and he is a body double for Will Smith;) His kind wife Tina set-up a super chill room and I was luckily enough to play catch with their twin boys. Kyle is a huge fan of the tour and sent a relevant article about former Georgia Tech star athlete Linda Lisska who killed a 24 year-old man while driving drunk, and is now touring (on probation) speaking to groups about her mistake.

At age 16, I made a mistake and hit a UPS head-on, and I am reminded of it every day with a deviated septum that clogs my nose. I can’t explain why I was able to walk away…luck, my car, God? Dwight attributes his accident and recovery to God and miracles…50Give is Dwight, not God or a miracle, but a VOICE driving positive change. You can be Dwight too, it will make you proud. If something ain’t right, not driven from your ego…but comes deep from your intuition/soul/god, a place where you can’t describe, then please do something – “Think Dwight, And Be The Positive Change.”

The journal entry is dedicated to Dwight Owens, LIFE of Mississippi, and the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad.

Website (PDF history of Dwight):



PayPal Online (title header: owensdwight@yahoo.com)

OR Check via Mail:

Dwight Owens
101 New Hopewell Church Rd
Taylorsville, MS 39168



“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi

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