Bethesda Green Gives By Making Green Cooler than Black!

Bethesda Green

In a Nutshell:

They bring local (Washington, D.C. area) business, government and community together through programs and services to promote a healthy economy and sustainable living practices in order to reduce our collective impact on the environment. They fulfill their mission through three primary strategies:

  • Incubate: Stimulate next generation green business models and solutions.
  • Educate: Raise awareness and inspire action through the programs, online tools, and education and resource center.
  • Initiate: Develop, manage and promote programs that leverage community assets.

Why They Rock:

  • Creating local green jobs by hosting Green Business Incubators
  • Procured 15 recycling bins for glass, plastic and metal beverage containers in the pedestrian-friendly areas for the Bethesda area.
  • Organized E-cycling days with a local environmental protection organization focused on collecting old TVs, microwaves, and computers.

50Give Experience

I’m that guy who stands in the office kitchen to make sure you are slam dunking plastics into the blue recycle bin…I was among family at Bethesda Green (BG) – they are about green intimidation (in a nice way – no gang tatics)! I used to work 500 yards from the BG office while dominating at Sabre Hospitality Solutions, and now I was able to use my online marketing skills to help with cyber ‘greenwashing’…enjoy the benefits of their Facebook Fan Page: green is the new black!

My easy-going contact Dave started the day with a very informative tour of the green office…highlights included cork floors, ink-less copiers, and talking trash cans (recycle fool! – no but I am about to patent it). Then the energetic founder Dave (#2) held a staff meeting where I met the intelligent BG All-Stars dedicated in making green the norm, and listened to the talented founders of Green Incubators (green companies – part of BG): Bkind Organic and Natural Vending (a natural and organic vending company serving the metropolitan Washington, DC area), Savenia Labs (an enviroscience company who measures the environmental impact or “greenness” of popular consumer products), and Mark Leisher Productions (full service video and film production group comprised of passionate filmmakers and marketers who aid with Green Roads TV (GRTV).

After the meeting, I met with an intern to discuss online marketing strategy…I thought having a green tip everyday would be beneficial for the social media community – dig this: Reusing one bag per year can replace the use of up to 500 plastic bags! We facebook dominated for hours and then BG was kind of enough to have a community luncheon for the 50Give appearance…I enjoyed tasty pizza from Manny & Olga’s (the Grandma’s White is pizza heaven) and I was able to connect with community leaders like Cheryl Kagan who provided invaluable advice for my journey ahead.

The afternoon rolled in and I helped intern Justin with some email extraction, and performed a Website audit…stop cheering in excitement because it gets hotter (I actually enjoy reviewing Websites while eating pizza, actually anything is good while eating pizza – well I don’t like folding laundry but I used to throw pizza down a laundry chute growing up so I take that back).

Maryland is my home and the homecoming from family and friends was TigerBloodTastic!

  • Organized Benefit for the 50Give tour with the non-profit Falling Whistles…friend even did the Worm to win the Dance-Off!
  • Raided a refrigerator stocked for 7 snow storms…in one winter!
  • Watched my niece dominate her soccer game while I relaxed on the side-line with dogs…and I saw my old Real Bethesda girl’s soccer team I coached get dominated (they had 9 players)!
  • Ran on my favorite trail and was able to chill out at Great Falls…beautiful rapids on the Potomac River.
  • Bethesda Magazine and other media outlets wrote positive press about 50Give!
  • Attended my favorite meditation class in MD with Tara Brach…GO if you live in the D.C. area or listen to her podcasts.

Yes, home was sweet and came with some sadness in regards to a senseless murder at lululemon Bethesda, an amazing yoga store/community where I used to work.  I send my best to the family and friends close to Jayna Murray, and to the whole lulu nation.

Bethesda Green is an organization that should be implanted in every county across the world…they are making the phrase Go Green the normal way of living. It’s great to return home and see the streets lined with recycling containers…it’s like Whole Foods in public!  Recycling is just one competent of their great greenness – so please take time to learn more at their website and/or visit their office…get educated to make nature a priority and ‘green’ it on to your friends!




50Give Half-Time Party Highlights

When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat money.

~ Cree Prophecy ~

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