Delaware Futures Gives Dream Team New Meaning

Delaware Futures

In A Nutshell:

They prepare at-risk youth for college, starting in the summer after eighth grade. Programs include academic enrichment, group meetings (problem-solving and teamwork skills), community service, workplace internships, and one-on-one advisory. When their students graduate from high school, those who meet admission requirements qualify for full or partial tuition scholarships at our partner colleges and universities.

Why They Rock:

  • 100% of the 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 graduates were accepted at college.
  • Community Service & Internships: Students are expected to complete a number of service projects each year, and they are introduced to a range of professional work environments through a series of internships with local businesses, professional offices, and community agencies.
  • Academic Enrichment: Volunteer tutors assist students during weekly homework sessions. Additionally, Delaware Futures partners with a number of local agencies to provide students with PSAT and SAT preparation, study skills and basic enhancers.

50Give Experience:

Imagine having a team preparing you for college starting in the 8th grade. This team isn’t just about tutoring and making the grades…they take it to the next level with internships, adventure learning, and a 50Give favorite – community service!

My day immediately started with a filmed interview (video for the students) about the tour, marketing, and volunteerism…and I was able interview their all-star staff:

  • Denise – Runs/oversees the DF ship, an educator for over 30 years!
  • Evette – Outgoing individual who assures high school freshman move in a positive direction…she says no to Sophmore Slump!
  • Spencer – College Tour Chill Coordinator & King of Roadtrips: takes students on college visits…he is always looking for drivers who drive rock band tour buses!
  • Andrea – 5K Energetic Organizer…get your run on in 2011 (more details coming)!
  • Tilesha – Community Service Dominator…taking the students for a massive service project in Riley, NC…50Give hearts giving – enjoy some sweet tea!

After my friendly integration was over, I began research for the upcoming summer college tour.  I utilized my online hospitality skills to find lodging in the Hampton/Norfolk/Williamsburg area. Unfortunately while on the tour in Virginia they will miss the University of Richmond (yes, my school), although I was super-stoked to hear a DF graduate student is currently dominating at UofR now…viva spiders!

Nighttime arrived and I joined students for a variety of activities: tutoring, sex-education, and speech practice. I started off teaching probabilities in regards to dice-rolling…I could have used some extra help from my Dungeons & Dragons buddies  but we conquered the tetrahedron and are ready for Vegas (once the students hit 21)! Next, the organization Each1Teach1 of Delaware taught sex education via Jeopardy (calm done college buddies) focused on HIV/AIDS, and the kids were very knowledgeable about the topics. Final stop was with the seniors who received excellent guidance from two instructors of Toastmasters Internationals (organization that improves speaking and leader skills)…one shy girl received a huge applause after her speech – the students stated that she never spoke that much in her life!

My day ended at the Delaware Futures and I enjoyed a tasty din din from a really cool joint called El Diablo Burritos! Onward to my own apartment in a hipster part of town from my giving host Cara – she was away but left a VIP package with Pellegrino water, biscotti, and popcorn!  Slept like an El Diablo lamb burrito and enjoyed a morning scenic run via Brandywine Park.

I have been part of numerous soccer teams all my life and the support systems are tremendous: coaches, players, trainers, managers, cheerleaders…and the concept of making a support crew outside school is very forward thinking.  Another name for Delaware Futures could be the Delaware Dream Team…the atmosphere is a mix of academics and positive mentoring which is producing future leaders of Delaware!




“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” –  John Maxwell

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