Save The Bay Gives & ‘Keeps’ with Earth Day Clean-Up!

Save The Bay (Narragansett Bay)

In A Nutshell:

Save The Bay protects, restores and improves the ecological health of the Narragansett Bay region, including its watershed and adjacent coastal waters, through an ecosystem-based approach to environmental action; defends the right of the public to use and enjoy the Bay and its surrounding waters; and fosters an ethic of environmental stewardship among people who live in or visit the Narragansett Bay region.

Why They Rock:

  • Save The Bay Center: award-winning headquarters –  their extensive stormwater management system of vegetated roof, coastal buffer zone, swales and basins has the capacity to absorb and filter 164,826 gallons of stormwater per inch of rain.
  • Since the organization started in 1970, conventional pollution from wastewater treatment plants has been reduced by more than 60%, and toxins in wastewater have been reduced by more than 90%, resulting in the return of marine and wildlife, as well as cleaner water for some.
  • 2010 – 2015 Strategic Plan (6 step approach): Environmental Stewardship; Water Quality; Living Resources; Coast, Bay and Watershed Management; Climate Change; and Organizational Capabilities (PDF – Full Plan).

50Give Experience:

The Misquamicut Beach Clean-Up called for me to bring out my G.I. Joe crawl skills…I knew cartoons would come in handy to battle pollution. A crew of about 30 volunteers stormed the beach in blustery cold winds to collect trash – it would be great if the park posted pictures of our ‘trash treasures’…billboard: dirty diaper (in the shape of a hammock) with a smiling fish laying in a fresh pile of dooker, and the caption reads “Thanks for your crap, enjoy eating me tonight!”

My contact Stephany set-up a massive clean-up day for different points across Narragansett Bay, and I was greeted by the jovial Misquamict Beach leader, Mark…he handed me a large hefty bag and I charged the concession area – under the boardwalk!  Check out highlights below of things left for mother earth, and view the crawl space I slivered through to find a plastic bottle community – from the land of Powerade.

The Trashy List:

  • Cigarette butts (hundreds is an understatement)
  • Diapers (yes, # 2)
  • Tampon Applicator (too many comments pop-up)
  • Trojan & Summer’s Eve Wrappers (hooray for safe-sex and hygiene)
  • Plastic bottles, plastic bottles, and plastic bottles (plastic bottles)
  • Live Leprechaun (very nice lad and we all know they can’t be photographed)

I survived the trenches and dropped off my bag with David, the local Coastkeeper (protects their community against anyone who threatens their right to clean water). Save the Bay is part of a positive gang worldwide called the Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental group protecting the waterways on six continents.  Basically, anybody with the ‘keeper’ title is making sure you are drinking and playing in safe water…you would think such protection groups aren’t necessary – the education is spreading and green will be the new black!

Rhode Island accommodations included a very chill house in Kingston surround by trees, more trees, and a calming pond. Kate, my college/soccer amiga and her parents gave me their house for the weekend (they were dominating a Newport wedding) with the task of dog sitting Mr.Cooley! Taking care of Cooley was a privilege, such a lovable doggie…just needs to back-off on the bedtime cuddling, he obviously hasn’t interviewed all my ex-girlfriends – he was hogging my side, maybe I was on his side…typical guy, I should have asked.

Picking up trash is a small aspect of Save the Bay…behind the scenes (legislative) they are guarding water you drink and places where you recreate. They also provide great education which will inspire you to get involved…an hour after the clean-up I was performing ‘spontaneous volunteering’ and picked up trash on a trail while walking Cooley!  Act Now: support your local Waterkeepeer, and KEEP your trash out of the water!

Save The Bay Earth Day Results:
Earth Day Cleanup – STB 153 volunteers 2,346 lbs.
Earth Day Cleanup – Bristol 49 volunteers 1,069 lbs.
Earth Day Cleanup – Westerly 36 volunteers 845 lbs.
Earth Day Cleanup – Newport 67 volunteers 466 lbs.
Earth Day Cleanup- Downtown Providence 7 volunteers 140 lbs.
Conimicut Point Park – Warwick 40 volunteers 994 lbs.




“Filthy water cannot be washed.” West African Proverb

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