Sisters’ Camelot Gives Organic Double Domination

Sisters’ Camelot

In A Nutshell:

Sisters’ Camelot is a collective working to create sustainability in the Twin Cities via the distribution of free fresh organic produce and whole foods to low-income individuals, support and upkeep local urban gardens, and provide free organic meals on a mobile kitchen bus weekly.

Why They Rock:

  • Food Share: Distribute free fresh organic produce unannounced at “random drops” on a large colorful gutted-out school bus in low-income neighborhoods.
  • Mobile Kitchen: renovated school bus equipped with a state-of-the-art stainless-steel kitchen which cooks meals for low-income neighborhoods (also “random drops”), and now will start providing hands-on education for creating organic meals.
  • Urban Gardening: Provides compost for local community gardens, and educates the neighborhoods on how to garden. The Food Share and Mobile Kitchen programs utilize herbs from the gardens in the warm months.
  • In 2010, they distributed more than $1.7 million worth of fresh organic produce to people in low-income neighborhoods in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

50Give Experience:

The Twin Cities provided double domination: warm Minnesota hospitability from a couple with two kids and two dogs; and two buses that are providing organic food for those desperately needing the most basic need on earth…the love was TOO much!

I met the Camelot chill-cat David early morning at the 5th Avenue Sisters’ Camelot urban garden and he gave me a very thorough educational tour: mandala style garden (trippy circle patterns – prevent runoff like traditional line crops), seed balls (the name itself is awesome – soil, clay, and seed packed in a ball…great/easy activity for kids to learn gardening), and rabbit advice (make enough food for them so they don’t eat your whole garden;). After gardening 101, we composted together using a layering technique: organic produce (pull the stickers), then wood chips, and den straw…it’s a great recipe for rich soil – no more and den!

David and I headed over to Camelot headquarters where I received another awesome tour and was able to get live footage of the Mobile Kitchen…real restaurant stove kicking inside el autobús! After the tour, I was asked to participate in their weekly collective meeting where anybody can voice their opinions and the staff make final decisions. I recommended using an operation for CallingPost (online/phone messaging system) to help the volunteers find the ‘secret’ Food Share and Mobile Kitchen buses, so the food goes to low-income families…sometimes hungry hippies will become organic stalkers – dude you got mangos? After the collective, I helped with a variety of tasks that revolved around recycling…food + recycling + love = Sisters’ Camelot.

During my time in Minnesota I stayed near the gorgeous town of Wayzata (surrounded by lakes) which was formerly a vacation destination, and the ‘resort’ spirit carried over in the hospitably I received from my gracious hosts Michele and Mark: private bedroom and bath, full ‘keys’ to the kitchen, and unlimited playtime with their doggies! I really felt at home here…nothing like late-night kitchen conversations talking life with great people.

Revolutionary Refreshing = Sisters’ Camelot is a moving food pantry/healthy kitchen distributing/cooking ORGANIC food for low-income people. The Camelot crew is doing more than being the Saint in St.Paul, they are sending a message to everybody of how important what you fuel your body with…they are planting a ‘seed of demand’ of what comes off the supermarket shelves. Change demand in your town – buy local and organic…recycle it on.




Camelot Crew Dance Time!

Hamster Goes Organic!

“High-tech tomatoes. Mysterious milk. Supersquash. Are we supposed to eat this stuff? Or is it going to eat us?” ~ Annita Manning

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