Figge Art Museum Feeds With Art

Figge Art Museum

In A Nutshell:

The Figge Art Museum is the premier art exhibition and education facility in Davenport, Iowa. The stunning modern building includes expansive galleries and intimate rooms housing some of the Midwest’s finest art collections, and they provide studio-style classrooms for spontaneous art and workshops.

Why They Rock:

  • Galleries & Exhibitions: The variety is broad: Pollock, John Deere Collection, Frank Lloyd Wright, Picasso, Glass Blown Corn, Chagall…and much more.
  • Education: Provide daily opportunities to sketch, paint and sculpt; and offer classes, workshops, demonstrations, and lectures for all ages.
  • Collections: American, European, Mexico Colonial, and Haitian – offer a distinctive look at regional, national, and international art from the 15th century to the present.

50Give Experience:

Davenport, Iowa was Figging amazing…complimentary stay at a boutique hotel with bowling alley, volunteered with the Mayor, and saw extraordinary art from across the globe. All this awesomeness was drawn up by the Fab Figge crew…I should buy these Figgies some beers – wait, they took care of that too!

Up and early I was greeted by Figge Security and received a full body cavity search (I was wearing my Thomas Crown suit so they were a little edgy)…they do protect the building heavily – they have a Pollock insured at 140 million dollars. My very organized and kind contact Jennifer greeted me after all my organs were put back in place, and handed me off to the intelligent/elegant Melissa and Susan for a very thorough and fun tour of Figge…it was definitely information overload and I loved it – so much that parts of brain fell out of on the floor and it became an exhibit (what – art is in the eye of the beerholder). In all serious, the museum has something for everybody, the atmosphere is welcoming, and I honestly could stare at pieces for hours and meditate. One interactive part of the tour included ‘playing’ the art (artistic sideways video)…enjoy the 50Give music debut – Namaste!

Next, I was put to work with easy-going Lynn cutting shapes for the Youth and Teens Programs, and then I helped joyful Heather to select thoughtful thank you cards created by kids used to show the creative and educational benefits after a Figge tour – nothing is cooler than tigers saying Figge Rocks in quotation bubbles!

Lunch! Figgie supplied an awesome catered spread for the staff…we needed to carbo load for volunteering fiesta: Figge Feeds Haiti. Figge teamed up with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, and Kids Against Hunger Your Quad Cities who provide international food relief to starving people – did you know every 6 seconds a child dies of hunger? The event was so well organized…entire lobby was set-up with assembly lines to package food: Rice, Soy, 6 vegetables, 21 vitamins and minerals; this is much better than a Mud Pie which Haitians actually eat: dirt, salt, and vegetable shortening. I also literally got to rub elbows and pack food next to the Mayor – I hear he has a great heart and he delivered a inspirational speech about the basic necessity of life: food. Jennifer also gave me the floor to speak about volunteerism and I was so stoked because 10 minutes before speaking I found out StayClassy nominated 50Give for Volunteer of the Year – please check out the entry and Like the article to help spread the word about the 53 best non-profits in North America (Figge is in my top 5;). My volunteer duties ended at the Adams School helping with a Figge Outreach program – my 4th grade buddy and I drew an SUV equipped with flames and another young girl rewarded me with an awesome USA banner for my travels…U – S – A…F – I – G – G – E!

Figge and Hotel Blackhawk teamed up for a luxurious and friendly time in the Quad Cities (Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, and Moline). The Blackhawk = Hip Amazing: bowling alley with martini bar, and a bathroom equipped with a TV embedded in the mirror…hi Sportscenter – I’m washing my hair and dancing! Like it wasn’t enough that the Figge crew helped secure the room, they also treated me to Cherry Ales (cherries in beer) at Front Street Brewery. The hotel and drinks we great, although the people of Figge and Davenport made the 50Give experience memorable – there are a warm community…they even got Figgey With It!

Figge provided the perfect volunteer peace party: hundreds of Davenport locals, the Figge staff, and 50Give bagged over 17,000 meals for Haiti hunger relief. Why do we need art if people are starving? You don’t need the arts to survive, it’s way more important than that…beautiful arts silence the noise, inspire positive change, and is the global language of love.





“Art, alongside religion and science, has always been the helper and liberator on the journey of mankind. Through form it frees the many contradictions of life and sometimes allows us to peek behind the dark curtain that veils the invisible chambers in which we will eventually be united.” Max Beckmann

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