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Film Streams

In A Nutshell:

An organization dedicated to enhancing the cultural environment of the Omaha area through the presentation and discussion of film as an art form. In 2007 they opened the Ruth Sokolof Theater, a two-screen cinema located in downtown Omaha playing primarily American independents, documentaries, the classics, and foreign films.

Why They Rock:

  • Arts in Education: teach high school students how to interpret films in a cultural context, empathize with characters in ways that are beneficial to their own personal development, and analyze film as an art form.
  • Student Night: special screenings with a post-show discussion by Film Streams which are open to everyone and FREE for full-time students, as well as teachers who bring five or more students with them.
  • Daytime Screenings for Visiting Classes: allow high school teachers to integrate film into their curriculum by bringing classes to the Ruth Sokolof Theater, and screenings are followed with discussions led by Film Streams.

50Give Experience:

The main show in downtown Omaha is the College World Series that plays for two weeks out of the year at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha…two blocks away from the stadium resides a cultural gem – Film Streams hits homeruns that entertain and educate with an open-minded approach playing 7 days a week all year!

My volunteer shift was in primetime during three movies orchestrated by my on-point contact Hallie. First task was to hand-out/sell Membership to movie-goers before the show and I got rid of my entire stack: my technique – you will become a member or I will stalk with a flashlight during the film (security)! Next, I hit the streets to distribute upcoming movie postcards to local businesses like Urban Outfitters…I was the creepy guy near the dressing room saying nice tank and you need to visit Film Streams.
Intermission: Enjoy Film Streams Volunteer Alex in the All-Star Popcorn Dance and Smooth Positive Present Shout-Out Rap!
My last task required laminating membership cards and stuffing envelopes…I thought I had office skills although Hallie is the ninja of the perfect folding technique – her secret is…office ninjas never tell silly.

Omaha grass-fed hospitality started from the warm couple of Barry (Montgomery County brother – respect) and Whitney who provided the biggest big bed on tour…I slept horizontally! I also had Maryland hospitality flown in – my father joined the 50Give fiesta and provided a hotel and an all-natural steak from Spencer’s (Barry is legendary there and we received VIP status). I was also able to recharge with a complimentary yoga class at lotus House of Yoga…the staff and atmosphere is pure positivity.

Independent and foreign films along with documentaries allow you to be transported to another world and feel life elsewhere…three films that I thankful for:
~War Dance (let the website play for a bit – the music will move you)
~Chernobyl Heart (warning: can be graphic and mentally hard to watch – recommend this blog post for the full scoop).
~Amélie (my top film of all time)
All these films embody the main themes of the 50Give tour: anti-war and good health for children, protection of the environment, and loving with giving. I hope more people seek out independent theatres like Film Streams or bring home the same genre of movies via new technology…these films provide people to be outside their minds and to live with their souls – positive change starts there.




“So, my little Amélie, you don’t have bones of glass. You can take life’s knocks. If you let this chance pass, eventually, your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So, go get him, for Pete’s sake!” – Raymond Dufayel aka Glass Man from Amélie

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