Face It TOGETHER Gives Family-Style Recovery


In A Nutshell:

Organization dedicated to helping individuals and family members on the journey of recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) via three primary approaches: recovery support services, advocacy, and awareness.

Why They Rock:

  • Awareness Program: program to shatter the stigma and shame around substance use disorder, which includes advertising, public education and community events. (watch last video)
  • Telephone Support: Recoverees receive a call each week for a “check in” on their progress, and if a recoveree is struggling, or has relapsed, the volunteer offers support and helps connect them to resources to get them back on the road to recovery.
  • Employment Support: Provide recoverees helpful tools to obtain meaningful employment, including: assistance in writing a resume, computer access, and many more office perks.
  • Housing Assistance: Great partnership with Tall Grass who provides short term housing at a beautiful ranch, and long term residences in houses implanted in the ‘normal’ community – very important to be in a healthy environment.

50Give Experience:

Never have I received a round of applause exiting my car – the entire Face It staff was huddled close together clapping and cheering for 50Give and I instantly felt like family…they are a tight crew and SUPPORT is in their blood along with one goal in mind: recovery.

Local News crews immediately greeted me upon my arrival at Face It TOGETHER and I did back-to-back interviews…tough questions that required a water break (50Gives needs a trainer – already pulled a calf muscle driving 10,000 miles plus). My lively and organized contact Tanya and Face It crew orchestrated a brilliant day which enabled me to live the organization and be the spokesperson for recovery AWARENESS, although I did get dirty building planter boxes to beautify Face It headquarters….watch the CBS news video for my green thumb (Face It rearranged my landscaping – they didn’t understand my abstract planting, nor did I).

Buckled-up to follow warm Face It member Shelly (she has NASCAR in her feet – but I held my own cause I’ve seen Days of Thunder, twice) out to gorgeous TallGrass (communal/recovery housing for thirty days)…the place is a mini-sanctuary with gourmet cooking, a waterfall stream in the garden, and a meditation room. We received the grand tour from GQ John, enjoyed a huge lunch with the kind Face It Executive Director Mary and all the TallGrass housemates…I heart you banana cake dessert!

We then zoomed across town to meet GQ2 Nate for a tour of sober houses which are brilliant: need a job to live there, complimentary food to help with bills, and they are located in nicer neighborhoods – a healthy environment to promote responsibility and to be drama-free of chaos. On one house tour I was lucky to meet a woman who praises the sober house program especially the community aspect, which is now saving her life.

Face It also provided a personalized tour guide for the coolest things to see in Sioux Falls supplied by resourceful Terese. I hugged a giant statue – Mr.Bendo would pulverize Brawny Man, relaxed on the lawn watching the rapids at Sioux Falls, and browsed the coolest variety store on tour called Zanbroz – nothing tops dolls of Buddha and Dracula in harmony. Once again hospitality was supplied by my generous father and we experienced Homewood Suites: hello free breakfast, dinner, and beer…the concierge looked at me strangely when I asked if I could move in. Even the Sioux Falls community pitched in and gave love to 50Give – friendly owner of Mrs.Murphys (Irish Gifts) gave us the family 17% discount, and the generous owner of Vern Eide Honda provided free car repairs!

Almost every Sioux Falls resident I met knows of Kevin Kirby…co-founder of Face It, huge contributor to the community, and was in rehab 7 times. Kevin now sober, is on a mission taking the model of Face IT TOGETHER across the nation by eliminating the stigma of substance abuse highlighting people as the medicine of recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling with drug addiction and are afraid of speaking to family, work, or friends – just know there are hundreds of organizations ready to help you: Face Your Demons with a new family in your town – it’s never too late if you are reading this.






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“When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top”

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