Wyoming Wilderness Association Protects Peace

Wyoming Wilderness Association (WWA)

In A Nutshell:

An organization created in 1979 by a group of wilderness advocates and outdoors people who protect public wild lands to ensure a future of wild places for people and wildlife in Wyoming.

Why They Rock:

  • Has taken the lead on organizing tours, education programs and presentations, events, concerts, film festivals and tabling to educate the public about Rock Creek – 34,000 acres of beautiful wilderness.
  • Offer outings (hikes) into wild and unique places throughout Wyoming. Excursions head into various roadless areas which are great opportunities to enjoy spectacular areas with education.
  • Created Friends of Rock Creek – a coalition of businesses, organizations and citizens that support the wilderness designation of Rock Creek. They are constantly recruiting supporters via in-person visits and their website form.  

50Give Experience:

Wyoming is one of those places where it can quiet anybody due to its natural beauty, although 50Give can’t be silent about how important it is to protect 34,000 acres of wilderness which belongs to wilderness…get ready to see, hear, and dance in breathtaking Wyoming.

Amazing hospitality kick-started my day, supplied by the kind and dedicated WWA member Liz…comfy bedroom with rainfall shower, breakfast – pancake towers, and a therapeutic walk around her neighborhood – she is like a walking podcast for birds!

After my bird tour, Brad another WWA employee who is super down-to-earth took me to WWA headquarters for an overview of the non-profit, and then we headed out for an epic tour of northeast Wyoming…famous battlefields, snow-capped mountains, and awesome trails. I quickly understood why so many people want this area protected – it’s in a natural state of purity. Not only was Brad kind enough to drive me around on his day off (Memorial Day, and he just came back from a 200 mile solo journey down a river), he also treated me to an organic bison burger from The Busy Bee Café. The day ended with a surprise potluck at Liz’s house with all the WWA volunteers…the spread put to shame every hippie potluck on earth (hummus…oooh, red-pepper hummus, no way – hummus from hummus-man in the trees down by the river)…the best part was to hear the stories of what Rock Creek means to the volunteers – sincere emotions poured out about the love of the land.

Did I volunteer? I was slated to do more physical activities, although rain has been dominating Wyoming so the original plan was flooded (Irish humor is a curse). Therefore I wrote about the 50Give experience, the real power to make Rock Creek wilderness is letter writing to congress and newspapers editors:

“Dear Sheridan Press Editor,

My name is Keith Donohue and I am volunteering at a different non-profit in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and D.C. through a trip called 50Give (http://www.50give.com/). The goal of the 50Give tour is to increase volunteerism for people in their 20/30s and to provide national recognition for small non-profits making a positive impact.

I had the privilege to spend a day with Wyoming Wilderness Association (WWA) and see the beautiful wilderness of Rock Creek – words can’t describe this beautiful landscape, although fifteen WWA volunteers provided stories about Rock Creek where I heard their souls come alive. The passionate volunteers weren’t talking in a negative manner about development, possible drilling, or more roads – every story had Rock Creek as the main character.

In the late 1800s Indians and early settlers killed one another in Rock Creek, and now this land is in limbo and belongs to nobody…very ironic there is still no control over this pristine and therapeutic area – how about we give wilderness back to wilderness? I know there are many issues in the world which are usually prioritized for survival, although if we keep destroying the earth then ALL our issues will go extinct – wilderness, me, and you.

Thank you for listening and I am happy the passionate people of WWA exist.


Keith Donohue”

You too can write the local editors and help save wilderness (emails below). Wait, Mr.50Give I’ve never seen Rock Creek…view the photos, videos, and WWA Website for the beauty and reasoning.

Sheridan Press: editor@thesheridanpress.com
Gillette Newsrecord: aturner@gillettenewsrecord.net
Casper Star Tribune: kerry.drake@trib.com
Buffalo Bulletin: www.buffalobulletin.com/forms/letters/

I’m not an expert of the pro/cons for protecting wilderness, although I’ve been around the country and my soul is at peace in nature. The real experts of wilderness work and volunteer at WWA: help them secure 34,000 acres of peace – write a letter.







Video Gallery:

Wilderness Week 2010 (WWA)

Rock Creek Two Addition Cloud Peak (WWA)

Rock Creek: Assignment Earth (WWA)

Winter Mountain Peace (50Give)

Ellen Mountain Dance (50Give)
Ellen Form (Write her show for 50Give…non-profits like WWA will benefit)

Happy Nature Shuffle Thingie…it’s your Birthday WWA Bradley! (50Give)

“All good things are wild, and free.” ~  Henry David Thoreau

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