Northern Alaska Environmental Center Opens Mouth Of Lake

Northern Alaska Environmental Center

In A Nutshell:

Promotes conservation of the environment and sustainable resource stewardship in Interior and Arctic Alaska through education and advocacy.

Why They Rock (Programs Crush):

  • Arctic Program: seeks to preserve the Arctic Refuge coastal plain as designated wilderness and uphold refuge integrity by involving Alaskans.
  • Clean Water & Mining Program: seeks to protect clean air, clean water, and wilderness; and monitors schemes to mine northern coal deposits.
  • Renewable Energy Program addresses Climate Change through advocacy, outreach and education to advance local and statewide clean energy policies.
  • Camp Habitat Summer Camps: camps designed to provide experiences that cultivate appreciation for the environment and to engage the next generation of conservation activists in Fairbanks.

50Give Experience:

Moose, porcupine, reindeer are just a few animals 50Give encountered in breathtaking Alaska….and I am thankful to know pristine natural places still do exist, which is partly attributed from the watchful eye of the Northern Center who is giving nature a voice.

My all-star contact Lori picked me up at the Fairbanks airport at 10:30 pm and it was still SUNNY…we took advantage of the moment and cruised up a small mountain top to take in the stunning view – the picture will do the talking. After a night in a sweet cabin and complimentary posh sleeping mask (I might wear nightly – perhaps a helmet) we headed to meet the Northern Center crew for breakfast (Lori sticky buns so good…that came off R rated) at the office and prepare for a four hour journey to Tangle Lakes, endangered area slated for further mining. Somehow before our voyage I ended up in a Polar Bear costume dancing outside their office for car traffic and I was shot with a ‘hand pistol’ by a cowboy in a white Chevy…it was a good shot – direct hit to my hairy chest.

Zoom – scenic road trip south of Fairbanks with a pit-stop for lunch supplied by the Northern Crew which included real-deal Alaskan salmon, salmon cream cheese dip, and salmon cake – no…everybody know Chips Ahoy follow any salmon dish. We finally arrived at the proposed mining mountain, and I was interviewed by the environmental dominators Pete and Sam for a documentary highlighting Tangle Lakes…I followed the story of woman who has been visiting the gorgeous region watching wildlife for almost 40 years! My interview revolved around 50Give and my thoughts on the environment, and at one point my mind went to mush (4 months on the road has made me loco en mi cabeza)…a few moments sounded like I was Evan Baxter in Bruce Almightyvideo of classic Steve Carell similar to my camera-time. We all journeyed out for a hike on the tundra (like walking on firm marshmallow) and I was lucky to spot a moose with her baby, and learned to sing while walking through brush to make bears aware – they don’t like to be surprised and love Madona jingles! The land, animals, and serenity is majestic in Tangle Lakes (official website), and you – yes YOU can help making this land a wildlife refuge in place of another mine funded by a Japan multinational conglomerate…click here to help earth keep her land pristine – 23 second Petition Form will go a long way, and a moose will love you cause they are lousy typers.

50Give awesome Alaskan hospitality started in Fairbanks from my soul-sister Lori: cozy cabin in the woods (organic chocolate on pillow), huge meal at Paxson Lodge (scary feel of The Shining which served a mean omelet), and an unforgettable stop at the Large Animal Research Station…check out the Muskox bumping heads video! Next, I flew into Anchorage to meet easy-going Kaarle (former Northern Center staff) and enjoyed midnight pizza from Moose’s Tooth and a beautiful kayak journey on Lake Eklunta. Alaska delivered double-sweet kindness and it was no surprise they were both provided by Northern Center Rock Stars.

Sometimes I think it’s insanity that the environment needs protection. My broken record earth speech: no earth equals no place to put your feet on the ground, no wild animals…NOTHING natural will exist. Nature is a beautiful thing and it is refreshing the Northern Center is the voice of her wisdom – we only have ONE earth and the Almighty humans could be next on the endangered species list. You ain’t sure about nature…enjoy the 50Give Alaska photo album she is powerful with beauty.


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Important Links:

Save Tangle Lakes Official Website
Save Tangle Lakes Legislative Form


Musk Ox

“In America today you can murder land for private profit. You can leave the corpse for all to see, and nobody calls the cops.” ~Paul Brooks

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