Hi there, I’m
A Volunteer.

My name is Keith Donohue and I will be driving, flying, or boating to each of the 50 states, as well as Washington, D.C., Mexico, and Canada, to volunteer in each location for a different non-profit, charity, or worthy cause.

Why am I doing this?

I have a passion for helping others and fundraising. I hope this trip will encourage others to give unconditionally and will provide positive press for inspiring organizations striving to make this world better. Volunteering is the star of this trip, I am just the side-show.

What can I bring to the table?

I will provide a day of volunteering that could include manual labor, data entry, soccer coaching, event support, Internet Marketing/Website consulting, high-fives – basically whatever is needed. In addition, I will blog about each organization to spread its positive vibe into the universe.

How will I get there and here?

My Honda Element is my vehicle/motel of choice with some love from the airlines to reach Hawaii and Alaska. Any help with airplane connections for cheap tickets is welcomed.

When is blastoff?

I will launch from San Diego in February, 2011 and the journey should last approximately five months or when I run out of gas.


“Keith Donohue has taken his commitment to the DC SCORES mission to new levels over the past three years. Unsolicited, Keith has helped directly or indirectly raise a lot of money, awareness, and excitement for the work we are doing with youth in DC through soccer and creative writing. A master marketer, Keith’s latest venture, Triple Charity Crush, is a creative and fun way to support Keith in his 2010 Cherry Blossom 10K run AND give to two amazing causes, breast cancer research (Susan G. Komen) and youth development through soccer (DC SCORES). He makes being in the ‘charity business’ even more rewarding than it already is. Thank you, Keith, and others like you – you have a big heart that makes a huge difference in the lives of youth.”

Amy Nakamoto, DC SCORES Executive Director

“Keith outdid himself by organizing the Summer Domination Party in Washington, D.C. which included professional soccer players, a dance contest, and raffle with packages worth thousands of dollars. The party provided a huge amount of press for love.fútbol and funding for our organization. His enthusiasm for charitable causes is unreal…I need him on staff full-time.”

Drew Chafetz, love.fútbol founder

“Keith’s enthusiasm for life, sports, and making a positive impact is contagious. I am honored to support his next, big endeavor. Whatever he’s doing, Keith makes others want to be involved—on his team, in his corner, cheering him on. I have no doubt that this cross-country, community-building adventure will be very fun and inspiring to watch. I wish him much luck and can’t wait until he arrives in Boston!”

Rebecca Pacheco, founder of OmGal.com

“Keith Donohue exemplified a true professional with his passion for the game of soccer and ability to inspire. On the field his high energy, ‘whatever it takes’ attitude, and team first mentality was contagious amongst the group and was an unquantifiable but real variable in the team’s competitive success. Off the field was no different; he was always willing to represent the Richmond Kickers in the community, and his positive energy inspired everyone he came across.”

Paul Sterbenz, Former Vice President/GM Richmond Kickers

“I am a cat. Keith gives me quality time and lets me hang out.”

Gray Kitty

Do you have what it takes to become a five-star pit crew member?

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