Bike Kitchen Rolls Green Community

Bike Kitchen

In A Nutshell:


A community bike shop at the University of British Columbia (UBC) for students and other community members to learn how to use tools and parts to maintain, repair, and build their own bicycles; they also recycle abandoned and donated bikes to provide the public with reliable and reasonably priced bicycles.


Why They Rock:

  • If you buy a bike from the Bike Kitchen and bring it back when you’re done with it, then they’ll give you half your money back; and all their bikes come with a one month warranty!
  • Bikes 101: An educational workshop designed to introduce new riders to the basics of bike safety, route planning and maintenance. Also includes tips on buying a second hand bike!
  • Cargo Bike Share Program: rent cargo bikes to move your precious stuff around on two wheels, or four with a trailer!
  • Purple and Yellow Bike Project: a fleet of used bikes that are available for use on the UBC campus. Bikes are locked with same keyed locks. Whenever you see a bike, you are free to unlock it and ride it away; the person that left it there will have to find another one.
  • Volunteer Night: a great way to learn basic bike mechanics, and meet new bike friends…50Give favorite!

50Give Experience:


Vancouver was filled with riots after the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup Finals (too much Molson without volunteerism), high-fives at lululemon headquarters (luluwhat?…they rock – Down Dog coming) and a surprise from a raccoon: LAST journal entry – here she rolls…right into your Bike Kitchen!

Getting into Canada is like trying to ride the ‘big boy’ roller coaster when you are a foot short, one thing to remember while talking to the border patrol – never say you are volunteering…How much money are they paying you? How much money is in your wallet? Who is your Daddy? After a cavity search and a good cry about my past (yes, I took my brother’s Big League Chew – how did they find out!?)…I finally made my way into gorgeous Vancouver – photos show her beauty.

I started my volunteer day with a tour at lululemon corporate headquarters with chill-cat/present-minded Matt, the company sells technical yoga/athletic apparel and promotes weekly events like complimentary yoga in their stores across the world. I previously worked for lulu in Maryland and have been crushing them since – besides the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, they also give back the community by letting all their stores donate to eight local non-profits per year (Vancouver lulu – contact Bike Kitchen – DO IT NOW!)…their manifesto is my juice (print out, post to mirror, read daily…Chip – let’s do lunch and bear hug)!

Vrooom (so not green)…off to the Bike Kitchen and I met veteran-Jedi bike legend who runs the shop – Lucas! My favorite part of the day was watching people coming in with their ‘hurt’ bikes, and the hip/wicked smart (ooohh – Boston sting) shop crew could just diagnose all their issues on the spot – docteurs de vélos (had to throw in some broken French). My day consisted of dirty shop tasks: tied old tires and inter-tubes in bundles for recycling, rearrange/cleaned tool shelves, and snipped drop-outs (peg in middle of tire spoke) which are re-used in the construction of new bikes. The finale for the day included moving old bikes to the ‘Graveyard Shed’ for storage and we encountered a sleepy raccoon…the little guy was just waking up from a nap, non-stop yawns. The Canadians were not scared of the critter, normal sighting for them…I was more comfortable back at the border.

The tour was capped off with Vidicoulus Vancouver hospitality from generous Jennifer and world-traveler Peter. They provided a comfy room which included FIFA EA SPORTS screams of joy from next door (felt like my soccer home), secret-style BBQ rib recipe (almost 20 ingredients in the sauce), and the craziest stories I’ve heard on the tour – never use Bear Spray while naked…cricket, cricket.

I think it’s super appropriate that the tour ended in Vancouver which is were the hottest and most overused word actually lives: COMMUNITY! The Bike Kitchen is accessible to any locals who want to green-up their transportation, lululemon provides a healthy global home for exercise at no cost, and 50Give is now complete – which includes a collection of small non-profits making a positive impact across North America. Ideal Saturday: ride my bamboo bike to complimentary yoga, eat local organic food, and volunteer in my community…50Give rolling out.

Thanks is an understatement to all the non-profits, friends who provided housing, food and fuel…and most importantly all the inspiration 50Give received – more Positive Present information coming…stay awesome.



Or, donate a bike or 20 to this address: 6138 Student Union Boulevard, Vancouver BC; or find a local bike co-op in your neighborhood at the following link:


“Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.” ~ H.G. Wells

“The conscious brain can only hold one thought at a time. Choose a positive thought.” ~ lululemon

“Bicycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There’s something wrong with a society that drives a car to workout in a gym.” ~ Bill Nye

“Live near the ocean and inhale the pure salt air that flows over the water, Vancouver will do nicely.” ~lululemon

“I thought of that while riding my bicycle.” ~ Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity

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Northern Alaska Environmental Center Opens Mouth Of Lake

Northern Alaska Environmental Center

In A Nutshell:

Promotes conservation of the environment and sustainable resource stewardship in Interior and Arctic Alaska through education and advocacy.

Why They Rock (Programs Crush):

  • Arctic Program: seeks to preserve the Arctic Refuge coastal plain as designated wilderness and uphold refuge integrity by involving Alaskans.
  • Clean Water & Mining Program: seeks to protect clean air, clean water, and wilderness; and monitors schemes to mine northern coal deposits.
  • Renewable Energy Program addresses Climate Change through advocacy, outreach and education to advance local and statewide clean energy policies.
  • Camp Habitat Summer Camps: camps designed to provide experiences that cultivate appreciation for the environment and to engage the next generation of conservation activists in Fairbanks.

50Give Experience:

Moose, porcupine, reindeer are just a few animals 50Give encountered in breathtaking Alaska….and I am thankful to know pristine natural places still do exist, which is partly attributed from the watchful eye of the Northern Center who is giving nature a voice.

My all-star contact Lori picked me up at the Fairbanks airport at 10:30 pm and it was still SUNNY…we took advantage of the moment and cruised up a small mountain top to take in the stunning view – the picture will do the talking. After a night in a sweet cabin and complimentary posh sleeping mask (I might wear nightly – perhaps a helmet) we headed to meet the Northern Center crew for breakfast (Lori sticky buns so good…that came off R rated) at the office and prepare for a four hour journey to Tangle Lakes, endangered area slated for further mining. Somehow before our voyage I ended up in a Polar Bear costume dancing outside their office for car traffic and I was shot with a ‘hand pistol’ by a cowboy in a white Chevy…it was a good shot – direct hit to my hairy chest.

Zoom – scenic road trip south of Fairbanks with a pit-stop for lunch supplied by the Northern Crew which included real-deal Alaskan salmon, salmon cream cheese dip, and salmon cake – no…everybody know Chips Ahoy follow any salmon dish. We finally arrived at the proposed mining mountain, and I was interviewed by the environmental dominators Pete and Sam for a documentary highlighting Tangle Lakes…I followed the story of woman who has been visiting the gorgeous region watching wildlife for almost 40 years! My interview revolved around 50Give and my thoughts on the environment, and at one point my mind went to mush (4 months on the road has made me loco en mi cabeza)…a few moments sounded like I was Evan Baxter in Bruce Almightyvideo of classic Steve Carell similar to my camera-time. We all journeyed out for a hike on the tundra (like walking on firm marshmallow) and I was lucky to spot a moose with her baby, and learned to sing while walking through brush to make bears aware – they don’t like to be surprised and love Madona jingles! The land, animals, and serenity is majestic in Tangle Lakes (official website), and you – yes YOU can help making this land a wildlife refuge in place of another mine funded by a Japan multinational conglomerate…click here to help earth keep her land pristine – 23 second Petition Form will go a long way, and a moose will love you cause they are lousy typers.

50Give awesome Alaskan hospitality started in Fairbanks from my soul-sister Lori: cozy cabin in the woods (organic chocolate on pillow), huge meal at Paxson Lodge (scary feel of The Shining which served a mean omelet), and an unforgettable stop at the Large Animal Research Station…check out the Muskox bumping heads video! Next, I flew into Anchorage to meet easy-going Kaarle (former Northern Center staff) and enjoyed midnight pizza from Moose’s Tooth and a beautiful kayak journey on Lake Eklunta. Alaska delivered double-sweet kindness and it was no surprise they were both provided by Northern Center Rock Stars.

Sometimes I think it’s insanity that the environment needs protection. My broken record earth speech: no earth equals no place to put your feet on the ground, no wild animals…NOTHING natural will exist. Nature is a beautiful thing and it is refreshing the Northern Center is the voice of her wisdom – we only have ONE earth and the Almighty humans could be next on the endangered species list. You ain’t sure about nature…enjoy the 50Give Alaska photo album she is powerful with beauty.


Donate: (donate button mid-way down)


Important Links:

Save Tangle Lakes Official Website
Save Tangle Lakes Legislative Form


Musk Ox

“In America today you can murder land for private profit. You can leave the corpse for all to see, and nobody calls the cops.” ~Paul Brooks

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Yoga Behind Bars Gives Chaos Peace

Yoga Behind Bars (YBB)

In A Nutshell:

Organization in Seattle that brings yoga and meditation classes to incarcerated youth and adults in as well as those at risk of entering the criminal justice system.

Why They Rock:

  • They (over 35 volunteers ) teach 11 classes a week at 7 different facilities (Juvenile Detention Centers, Low Income Units, Correctional Complexes, and Seattle Jails)
  • Gratitude in Motion Thanksgiving Event: Local Seattle yoga studios over the Thanksgiving weekend donate their class fees to YBB (12 studios participated in 2010).
  • In 2010, the volunteer teachers taught 3,900 hours of yoga and meditation which in monetary value equals almost $24,000.

50Give Experience:

A recent clinical study has shown that as little as 8% of inmates who take yoga/meditation classes while in prison are re-incarcerated, versus a national average closer to 60%. You might not be into numbers, so I will let prisoners tell their positive stories about Yoga Behind Bars…

My lively and spunky contact Natalie met me at Empire Espresso Bar (more to come on this coffee shop gem), and gave me a large stack of surveys and testimonials from incarcerated adults and youth…my mission was to upload the information in Excel and Word which will help with fundraising and matrix efforts.

I tried to get in a zone for entering the material quickly although many times I had to stop and re-read the inspiring and sincere prisoner comments in regards to the benefits of practicing yoga and meditation and for their appreciation of YBB…

“In prison we live in an environment full of distractions, struggles, and stresses. With yoga I have learned I can control how I react and how I am affected by those problems I face. During my practice I have found I can breathe in any of that negativity, embrace it, and then let it go with a deep exhalation of surrender and peace. This helps me to make it through those times in which I am overcome by negativity…I want to thank all of you for helping me to achieve this ability….Your contribution to those inside is beyond  measure. We are all blessed to have opportunities you provide, and I thank you for everything that you do.”

“Yoga – a good way to free yourself and still be incarcerated…the YBB teachers are YOGA JEDI’S!

“Para mi el yoga es excelente a cualquier edad para mantener el cuerpo y la mente sanos. El cuerpo se mantiene elástico y flexible y se puede sentir una gran relajación interior.”
Translated: For me, yoga is excellent at any age to maintain a healthy body and mind. Yoga keeps your body resilient and flexible and you feel a great internal sense of relaxation.

“I feel that yoga could help me with my dancing. I have been doing ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop since I was young. My dream and goal in life is to dance professionally and use my talent and gift God gave me in life! Focusing, breathing, posture, balance and dedication all benefit from the art of yoga!”

“My goal in life is to achieve peace for myself and I would like to help others achieve peace as well (poem below).
Fortification of the will of the divine self,
Reconstructing my own aspects recognizing inner wealth.
Taking joy in all things, yet moved by none,
The day I was born my work here was done.
Alone as I wonder the earth reminding myself of its creation,
I touch myself as cymbals cognize around this peaceful elation.
The ascension back to my heavenly body each moment relived,
Remembering my selflessness in love which I give.
Moment unto moments I’m trapped and am free,
The light on my path keeps me blind and lets me see.”

After imputing all the yoga data, I met Natalie again in Capitol Hill (hipster part of Seattle) to drop of all her materials; and I was so inspired from the prisoner comments that I took a yoga class at Samadhi Yoga…I could live in savasana (ending yoga pose laying down – better than sleeping).

Seattle hospitality was total zen bliss…my very giving and positive friend Casey who was out of town lent me her house located in unique/cool/beautiful Columbia City which included all this awesomeness: Empire Espresso Bar (smooth coffee, waffles, and soccer…this is heaven), Both Ways Cafe (Denver breakfast scramble – l love you), and I was able to get picturesque runs through Seward Park on Lake Washington. Casey is my positive idol – her company called Positive Thought Brand promotes positive messages on apparel, and she is about to launch a mobile truck selling her line throughout Southern California! Also met inspirational Pete at Empire who is 50Give blood…started a non-profit for education called HOPE beats HATE (50Give honorable mention all-star) – enjoy their promotional powerful video (yes, I’m biased cause I LOVE club music). I capped off Seattle with a complimentary seafood lunch from my new down-to-earth friends Kelley and Katie at Etta’s, and they helped with fish tossing at Pike Place Fish Market…slippery suckas – check out ‘The Catch’ video (back off Niner Fans)!

I got hooked on yoga and meditation years ago and grateful is understatement of how I feel…I can’t imagine my life without either, especially in terms of the positive spiritual side – I finally realized I’m not my brain but a joyful soul. I can’t pretend to know what living in jail is like although I know from the testimonials that prisoners feel freedom with Yoga Behind Bars, they are leaving jail…if they can be peace behind bars, then there is hope for them in the real world.

The journal entry is dedicated to all yogis, especially the crew at Red Lotus Society.





The Fish Catch



How to Meditate

Yoga Directory

Yoga Scholarships

“Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness.” ~ Indra Devi

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Project Grow Plants With People Seeds

Project Grow

In A Nutshell:

A progressive program accomplished in a supportive and loving environment for adults of all mental diversities that aims to establish careers and expression in farming, and the arts and to provide a place for community.

Why They Rock:

  • North Portland Farm: urban organic farming that operates a bike-delivered CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Raise chickens for eggs, goats for fiber, vegetables for sale, provides community garden space for rent, and hosts workshops.
  • Monthly events include lectures, concerts, and workshops that are establishing the studio and farm as an cultural center for the community.
  • The artists and farmers of Project Grow do earn paychecks from art sold and contributions to the farm.

50Give Experience:

Goats, pottery, music events – Project Grow casts a huge cultural net providing options for adults with developmental disabilities to flourish and create a sense of community…50Give enjoyed the goodness of the their number one program: the people.

The open-minded and joyful Emese (Community Leader) started the day with a staff and participant meeting which allows everybody to have an equal say on all topics, and we were informed with startling news – the raccoons got in the duckie cages (close your eyes), although the last of duckies eggs were used to bake a wonderful coffee cake (circle of life)! I was ready to get dirty and was sent to help the hard-working volunteer Peter move mulch on the Annex Lot Farm (check out the cool plot renderings). After dominating with a wheelbarrow in the morning sun, Peter showed me a great spot for lunch…I bought a tasty sandwich for only $3 (I need to hitch this local sub shop to my Honda Element)!

Following a relaxing meal and talking life with Peter, I headed to the studio to assist with art projects. Kind Jen (Art Specialist) let me help a participant artist get her exercise with her walker, who then should me the ropes on her sewing project. The day was coming to a close and I got worked in a fun game of Skip-Bo…makes UNO look very JV.

Portland hospitality started back with my connections at McMinnville, Oregon – years ago I coached with my buddy Eric at Linfield College and his generous parents Peter and Harriet provided an awesome bedroom and Charlie – coolest dog that can camouflage into carpet (photos tell the doggie tail). I was a street away from great eats that included: Cha! Cha! Cha! Mexican Taqueria (whole wheat shredded chicken burrito bliss), Jim and Patty’s Coffee (coffee cakes stuffed with sour cream), and Bagel Land (double cheese with loads of pepper). I also was able to squeeze in a run in at gorgeous Washington Park which ended with tranquil meditation in their green lush amphitheater.

The name Project Grow is a great description of what they really do: ongoing support moving people forward in a positive manner – farming, art, and events are the side-show. The staff has cultivated a loving atmosphere which is the key ingredient to keep this beautiful organization growing.




“Now I look beyond what I can’t do and focus on what I can.” Robert M. Hensel

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The Arc Rides For Rock Star Status

The Arc

In A Nutshell:

Helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in partnership with their families, the opportunity to live, work, and play via vocational services, residential care, and recreational activities.

Why They Rock:

  • The Donation Center: clothing and household items donation hub which are sold to the Savers Thrift Store and revenue from sales goes directly back into programs. They call over 40,000 telephone numbers each week for donations!
  • RAVE: year round recreation and social opportunities which include art classes, bike riding, learning hobbies, themed dinner nights, rafting, sightseeing, cultural events, and dances. Vacation packages are also available which vary from mountain camping to Alaskan cruises.
  • Vocational Services: provide work for individuals with significant disabilities via outsourcing from local businesses; and provide job opportunities in the community at hotels, recycling plants, and many more locations.   

50Give Experience:

The people of The Arc and town of Boise treated 50Give like a rock star: amazing accommodations to rest after a 14 hour drive, newspaper and TV media pumping up the tour, and a homemade welcome banner crafted for 50Give…I should have stayed longer and sent my stunt double to finish the tour.

Early morning at The Arc headquarters, hard-working and passionate Arc member Nicole took me for a tour of the facility and it’s the first time a squirrel joined a tour – INSIDE their call center…yes, the little dudes like to run in and out looking for food – no soup for you! Onward to the daily meeting where staff and participants discuss the day…I got tons of high-fives, hugs, and even some spontaneous singing of “God Bless America”…he was good! Fox news arrived and I gave a few words on the tour and they filmed me helping with morning vocational activities…next I headed for a group bike ride!

Kind and energetic Ashley drove our crew down to a serene park where we met cheerful Sonya, an Adapted Recreation Specialist with Boise Parks & Recreation…she gave me the hand-bike (it was like a go-kart without an engine – my Mario Kart skills came in handy). I was mainly the ‘Caboose Bike Patrol’ helping keep our bike-train on the path…everybody had a blast, and I then cruised to have a complimentary lunch with staff and a board member at tasty Willow Creek.

In the afternoon, I helped informative and easy-going Deneil with the production of a new product of The Arc for dogs called B’Arc Bones. Mix the ingredients, smoosh the dough, cut-out dog bone shapes, bake and dehydrate…viola – yummy treats that are even edible for humans!

Boise hospitality started late in the evening after driving from Wyoming and Nicole greeted me at the Boise Guest House with an amazing gift basket and she stocked the frig with goodies from the Boise Co-Op (included local beers from Laughing Dog Brewing)! The accommodations were overwhelming: full kitchen, complimentary bicycles, and you signed the guest book on an old typewriter. After a long few days my chill-cat contact Tiffany, and Nicole treated me to a relaxing evening at 13th Street Bar and Grill in hip Hyde Park, and the next morning I experienced one of the best runs in my LIFE in the foothills of Camel’s Back Park…peaceful trails that overlook the city with the occasional doggie fly-by.

50Give helped give The Arc the well-deserved spotlight for the day, although the rock stars currently in town are the Boise State Broncos football team who are nationally ranked and play on the famous blue turf (yes, actually blue). Hopefully Boise will also cheer for Arc participants who are proud of their community and are available for WORK – call in the play for The Arc!





Fox 12 Idaho

Boise Weekly

“Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone.” ~ Martina Navratilova

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Wyoming Wilderness Association Protects Peace

Wyoming Wilderness Association (WWA)

In A Nutshell:

An organization created in 1979 by a group of wilderness advocates and outdoors people who protect public wild lands to ensure a future of wild places for people and wildlife in Wyoming.

Why They Rock:

  • Has taken the lead on organizing tours, education programs and presentations, events, concerts, film festivals and tabling to educate the public about Rock Creek – 34,000 acres of beautiful wilderness.
  • Offer outings (hikes) into wild and unique places throughout Wyoming. Excursions head into various roadless areas which are great opportunities to enjoy spectacular areas with education.
  • Created Friends of Rock Creek – a coalition of businesses, organizations and citizens that support the wilderness designation of Rock Creek. They are constantly recruiting supporters via in-person visits and their website form.  

50Give Experience:

Wyoming is one of those places where it can quiet anybody due to its natural beauty, although 50Give can’t be silent about how important it is to protect 34,000 acres of wilderness which belongs to wilderness…get ready to see, hear, and dance in breathtaking Wyoming.

Amazing hospitality kick-started my day, supplied by the kind and dedicated WWA member Liz…comfy bedroom with rainfall shower, breakfast – pancake towers, and a therapeutic walk around her neighborhood – she is like a walking podcast for birds!

After my bird tour, Brad another WWA employee who is super down-to-earth took me to WWA headquarters for an overview of the non-profit, and then we headed out for an epic tour of northeast Wyoming…famous battlefields, snow-capped mountains, and awesome trails. I quickly understood why so many people want this area protected – it’s in a natural state of purity. Not only was Brad kind enough to drive me around on his day off (Memorial Day, and he just came back from a 200 mile solo journey down a river), he also treated me to an organic bison burger from The Busy Bee Café. The day ended with a surprise potluck at Liz’s house with all the WWA volunteers…the spread put to shame every hippie potluck on earth (hummus…oooh, red-pepper hummus, no way – hummus from hummus-man in the trees down by the river)…the best part was to hear the stories of what Rock Creek means to the volunteers – sincere emotions poured out about the love of the land.

Did I volunteer? I was slated to do more physical activities, although rain has been dominating Wyoming so the original plan was flooded (Irish humor is a curse). Therefore I wrote about the 50Give experience, the real power to make Rock Creek wilderness is letter writing to congress and newspapers editors:

“Dear Sheridan Press Editor,

My name is Keith Donohue and I am volunteering at a different non-profit in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and D.C. through a trip called 50Give ( The goal of the 50Give tour is to increase volunteerism for people in their 20/30s and to provide national recognition for small non-profits making a positive impact.

I had the privilege to spend a day with Wyoming Wilderness Association (WWA) and see the beautiful wilderness of Rock Creek – words can’t describe this beautiful landscape, although fifteen WWA volunteers provided stories about Rock Creek where I heard their souls come alive. The passionate volunteers weren’t talking in a negative manner about development, possible drilling, or more roads – every story had Rock Creek as the main character.

In the late 1800s Indians and early settlers killed one another in Rock Creek, and now this land is in limbo and belongs to nobody…very ironic there is still no control over this pristine and therapeutic area – how about we give wilderness back to wilderness? I know there are many issues in the world which are usually prioritized for survival, although if we keep destroying the earth then ALL our issues will go extinct – wilderness, me, and you.

Thank you for listening and I am happy the passionate people of WWA exist.


Keith Donohue”

You too can write the local editors and help save wilderness (emails below). Wait, Mr.50Give I’ve never seen Rock Creek…view the photos, videos, and WWA Website for the beauty and reasoning.

Sheridan Press:
Gillette Newsrecord:
Casper Star Tribune:
Buffalo Bulletin:

I’m not an expert of the pro/cons for protecting wilderness, although I’ve been around the country and my soul is at peace in nature. The real experts of wilderness work and volunteer at WWA: help them secure 34,000 acres of peace – write a letter.




Video Gallery:

Wilderness Week 2010 (WWA)

Rock Creek Two Addition Cloud Peak (WWA)

Rock Creek: Assignment Earth (WWA)

Winter Mountain Peace (50Give)

Ellen Mountain Dance (50Give)
Ellen Form (Write her show for 50Give…non-profits like WWA will benefit)

Happy Nature Shuffle Thingie…it’s your Birthday WWA Bradley! (50Give)

“All good things are wild, and free.” ~  Henry David Thoreau

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